Breast Cancer Prevention Foods

02 October 2011

Breast Cancer Prevention Foods

Womens Health Problems - Some recent research indicates there are some foods that can prevent and reduce the risk of breast cancer. high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and grains also showed a low risk of ovarian cancer. From numerous studies it is said that women who ate red meat or processed meat product variety will have a higher risk of breast cancer.

It can be done to prevent breast cancer by eating a delicious healthy menubreast cancer prevention foods follows:

* Salmon and tuna

Based on a study in the United States, found that women who live around the river and always eat tuna and salmon each day, has a very small risk of developing breast cancer. This was allegedly because of the omega-3 found in salmon and tuna.

* Yoghurt

A study using yoghurt as a medium in a test trial, stating that the yogurt can slow the growth of breast cancer cells.  

* Orange Juice 

Orange juice could be expected to slow the growth of breast cancer cells by 50%. However, because oranges contain lots of folic acid, vitamin C, and all types of phytochemicals. Citrus is one of the natural food that fights breast cancer.

* Wheat  

We can take the form of wheat cereal with a glass of milk every morning. Each half-cup of wheat equivalent to 10 grams of fiber that is useful to reduce levels of estrogen in the body. Many of the opinion that high levels of estrogen in the body can stimulate breast cancer cell growth.

* Carrots and spinach  

Women who never ate carrots and spinach turned out to have a risk of breast cancer two times higher than women who frequently eat both kinds of vegetables. These two vegetables are potent cancer-fighting substances because the color is called carotenoids. Cook briefly before eating, so that carotenoids provide optimal benefits in our bodies.

* Soy milk  

Substances contained in pure soy milk in effect, reduce the risk of breast cancer by 28% compared to the substances found in soybeans processed. Soy has the structure of nutrition as the best source of isoflavones, Isoflavones are found in a plant estrogen. Since potent known that isoflavones protect the breast from the carcinogenic effects, all soy foods into a healthy food choice.

Besides food on the original Olive oil is known to be useful for breast and heart health. Since the discovery of anti-cancer substances in munyak olive oil is a wise choice When We cook. Berry fruit contains vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids also phytochemicals. Great again from berry fruit are low in calories. This delicious fruit contains anti-cancer substances and can be served in a shared way.

Breast cancer prevention foods is tasty is not it? From now on we are more concerned with our diet towards a more healthy and make us long life and avoid breast cancer.(Womens Health Problems)